The Next Step to
Geological Approach.

The Next Step to
Geological Approach.

How does it work?

Input data is gathered and applied to a learning algorithm. The machine is then able to learn from the data and predict potential targets.


PDAC 2021

PDAC 2021 Will be held from March 8 until March 11. We will be sharing further details regarding PDAC 2021…

PDAC 2018

PDAC 2018 We are pleased to announce our annual participation at PDAC 2018.  Please join our team at booth 1106.

Holiday Wishes

Happy Holidays Wishing you all a Happy Holiday and joyful New Year. Best wishes from your friends at Matrix.

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Matrix GeoTechnologies Ltd. is a new millennium geoscientific company, established in 2000 and focused in all aspects of geosciences. Its founders are former consultants, academics and scientists with extensive field and interpretive experience that covers all facets of exploration.

We founded the firm to offer new distinctive and original approaches to technology driven exploration. Our personnel have unique combinations of practical hands on experience, analytical interpretive skills coupled with research and development of new technologies and advanced geoscientific methods.

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