About Us

About Us

Founded in the year 2000, Matrix GeoTechnologies Ltd emerged from the collaboration of visionaries dedicated to revolutionizing the mineral exploration industry. With roots deeply embedded in a rich tapestry of international experience and academic excellence, Matrix identified early on the imperative need for innovation to navigate the competitive terrains of the economic landscape. This narrative unfolds the odyssey of Matrix, from its inception to becoming a vanguard in the realm of multi-disciplinary geoscientific surveying, interpretation, and presentation.

Over two decades later Matrix has bloomed into a leader in multi-disciplinary geoscientific surveying, interpretation and presentation. We have been privileged to work domestically as well as internationally in Africa, Asia, Europe and South America. Our clients are the best in the industry and are directly related to our success and good reputation.

The board of directors has adhered to a science-first philosophy and as a result Matrix has a strong reputation for developing innovative methodologies, while also allowing them the resources and time needed for maturation. Matrix`s Quantitative Section Methodology has grown into a well-respected technique offering new exploration solutions and investments opportunities.

Matrix is currently in the midst of expanding to a multi-national corporation with offices and representation in Canada, Turkey, Australia and Peru. We always welcome dialogue for strategic alliances and investment opportunities.

We were able to extend with great success the application of Quantitative Section Methodology in coal-methane and oil-sand research, initially with the assistance of Nova Scotia Government IRAP grants and later through several surveys, providing multi-channel type of information, sensibly increasing the survey resolution.

Matrix GeoTechnologies Ltd continues to grow and add to its expertise in geoscientific techniques bringing new innovative techniques in actual business and increasing the success rate to our clients. We are your source for drill hole targets.