Exploring and Facilitating in Brownfields

Geophysics is an essential tool for exploration and evaluation of mineralization in mines; however largely ignored. Our services in mining projects include the use of non-destructive tools resolving surface and underground issues such as environmental and exploration questions.

  1. – Matrix’s experience in mining includes rock engineering, slope stability, environmental monitoring and management, in-mine geophysics for mine planning and underground geophysical surveys.
  2. – A very important aspect of our services in mining is to explore the possible extension of know mineralization around and underneath actual mine using non-destructive geophysical tools.
  3. – Our extensive experience in mining ensures innovative, cost effective and environmentally acceptable solutions from pre feasibility to site rehabilitation.

In addition, most exploration at the Brownfields stage is generally more expensive due to extensive use of drilling. Surface geology mapping and expensive drilling have been key technical contributors to most exploration programs over the last two decades. However, as client expectations, logistics, target depths and complexity of exploration programs increase, there has been a growing emphasis on using geophysical techniques to complement other methods. Integration and optimization of various geoscientific disciplines is becoming more important in successful exploration programs of the future to reduce exploration risks, successful integrated exploration requires putting reliable geophysical parameters and correspondent petrophysical property contrasts into an assumed or conceptual geological model.

Matrix offers its new multi-parameter Quantitative Section Methodology, which finalized in a unique conceptual geologic model used an efficient tool in Brownfields exploration to successfully find satellite orebodies of almost any size. The application of our approach to Brownfields exploration is successfully demonstrated in Manitoba, including a past producing nickel sulphide deposit in Lynn Lake and the Reed Copper deposit, currently in development.