Board of Directors

Science First Philosophy

Dr. Ludvig Kapllani | President

Dr. Kapllani is the co-founder of Matrix GeoTechnologies Ltd., with over 35 years experience in geophysical methodology and research gained over countless assignments spreading across North America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and South America. His vast expertise in mineral exploration, oil and gas research as well as civil and environmental studies has proven him as a leader and professor within the industry. He has participated over 250 large scale projects, while publishing numerous technical studies, as well, Dr. Kapllani has developed various innovative methodologies such as Quantitative Section and Eclipse.

Dr. Kapllani has cemented the foundation for a scientific and ethical approach to the business model of Matrix GeoTechnologies Ltd. He is a member of American Institute of Professional Geologists.

Genc Kallfa | C.E.O.

Mr. Kallfa has utilized his business experience from Switzerland, US, and Canada to develop Matrix GeoTechnologies Ltd into a leader in innovative thinking and solution driven enterprise. Leading the development of proprietary software to facilitate interdisciplinary integration as well as various field survey innovations, as co-founder, Genc was a principal part in the creation of Matrix GeoTechnologies Ltd.

Highly educated in geoscientific methodology and implementation, Mr. Kallfa has proven himself internationally as a scientist, entrepreneur, and innovative thinker. He is a member of Association of Professional Geoscientists of Ontario.

Stephen Reford P.Eng.

Mr. Reford is one of the world leading experts in the field of airborne geophysics, with an extensive international experience. He has worked for virtually all of the world’s major petroleum and mining companies, a variety of junior petroleum and mining companies, federal and provincial/state government agencies worldwide, and international institutions (e.g. World Bank, United Nations, Canadian International Development Agency).

Today, Mr. Reford has established a world-renowned reputation for providing consulting, project management, data processing, interpretation and training services in the application of airborne and ground geophysics to resource exploration.

Mark Fedikow, Ph.D.

Dr. Fedikow has 39 years of industry and government experience as an exploration geochemist and mineral deposits geologist. He has worked for major and junior mining exploration companies, and the Manitoba Geological Survey, completing his employment at the Survey as Chief Geologist of the Mineral Deposits Section. In 2001 Mark was the recipient of the Provincial Geologists Medal, a Canadian, national, award for outstanding geoscientific achievement. He has successfully applied partial and selective extraction geochemical technologies, including the Mobile Metal Ions Process (MMI), in exploration programs for lode and placer gold, base metal massive sulphides, platinum group metals, magmatic nickel-copper, porphyry copper deposits and kimberlite / carbonatite in a variety of geological settings and overburden environments.

Dr. Fedikow has published numerous articles on mineral deposits and their geochemical expressions in rock, soil and vegetation sample media. He is a Fellow of Association of Applied Geochemists.

Prof. Dr. Resmi Kamberaj (Reso), MSc, MBA

Experience for 35 years as CEO/ President, Exploration Manager, Country manager for the companies: GeoEconomics, Arian Resources, Golden Touch Resources, JAB Resources, Union Resources Ltd, Platinum Resources.

He has managed the prospecting / exploration/mining tenements, 3D resource interpretation/assessment /modelling, geological modelling , database compilation, validation and maintaining; reports and consulting in different countries: Albania (Munella- Au-Cu-Zn-Pb; F.Arres-Cu-Pyrite; Tuç- Cu-Pyrite; Kçire- Cu; Kalivare- Cu-Pyrite; Lumzi-Cu; Bulqiza-Chromite; Guri Kuq-Fe-Ni Laterite; Gjazuj-Au; Tropoje-Pt, Kalimash-Chromite, Kothpule-Kaoline; Tirana basin-Coal, Lumth-Ni sulphide, Derven-Cu deposit, Nimce-Uranium); Australia (Union Resources- Mehdiabad Pb-Zn; Cloncurry Metals and Global Resources Corporation Ltd ); Mexico (La Calera, Cacanicuas Au, Cu ); Bulgaria (Breznik, Au ore deposit); Ukraine (Sergejskoje, Au ore deposit), Armenia (Meghradzor, Au ore deposit); Kosovo (Drazhnje- Au deposit; Graps-Coal); Germany (Siegelbach-land fill); France (Ecole des mines, Fontaibleau) etc.

Reso is founder of the JAB Resources, Platinum Resources and GeoEconomics and currently is the CEO / President of GeoEconomics.