Matrix is working hard to remove itself from the overbearingly negative reputation that has shadowed the mining industry for so long.  Having been linked to social injustices and environmental damage, we’ve recognized that these impacts are avoidable through responsible, and conscientious management.  Unfortunately, we’re still working against the grain, as sub-standards are still widely accepted when calculating whether or not a company performs ethically or not.

For that reason, Matrix has put together a team of individuals who perform with morals highly intact, protecting our clients from illicit practices and enforcing ethical standards.  Our team offers extensive experience in principled procedures and geosciences, acknowledging that exploration requires a unified approach, combing geology, geophysics, geochemistry and GIS.

As vast amounts of regional, geoscientific data are regularly collected and made available online, these integrated methodologies have become essential to seeing ‘the full picture,’ and gathering the multi-parametric insight required to target subsurface exploration projects.  Integrated techniques, combined with advanced 3D visualization capabilities make old datasets and knowledge relevant for the new projects and geologists.


Our approach to exploration is unique. Having a company that can offer an integrated and multi-disciplinary approach remains one of our main purposes. We strive to be the company who is your ‘one stop shop,’ providing technical innovation, consistency and ethical compliance.

Our technical expertise has put Matrix at the top of the field in geosciences. Offering a sensible, integrated approach to reduce exploration risk, while improving chances of success.


More than ever, the mining industry is in dire need of innovation and new ethical standards. Our team here at Matrix placed heavy emphasis on building the new standard. Developing unique methodologies to better address the industry needs in an immensely competitive economic climate.

Since the beginning, promoting and developing the best technical practices in ethics has been an integral aspect of our growth strategy. Having successfully operated ethically in the most challenging environments in the world, we’ve garnered success in both greenfield and brownfield projects.

Oil and Gas

We believe that the oil industry shouldn’t be limited to high exploration costs, or to geological environments producing limited seismic results. Matrix offers a wide range of geoscientific methods which can be used as alternative solutions for conventional and unconventional hydrocarbon deposits.