Matrix GeoTechnologies Ltd offers a wide range of geophysical services that cover all aspects of ground geophysics working in almost every type of project environment and through our knowledge and ability to apply conventional or innovative geophysical methods, we help solve geologic, geotechnical and engineering challenges. 

Our geophysical staff and field experts excel in their ability to provide quality geophysical surveys in the harshest climatic and terrain conditions. Field expertise combined with state-of-the-art and sophisticated interpretive techniques distinguish our company from the rest of the business, positioning us on top of geophysical exploration.

We were able to extend with great success the application of Quantitative Section Methodology in coal-methane and oil-sand research, initially with the assistance of Nova Scotia Government IRAP grants and later through several surveys, providing multi-channel type of information, sensibly increasing the survey resolution.

We offer an unique approach to geophysical projects, from project design to final product. Our company offers, but not limited to:

  1. Proprietary Quantitative Section Methodology;
  2. Conventional induced polarization and resistivity surveys;
  3. Potential Field Surveys (Magnetic and Gravity);
  4. Shallow Seismic;
  5. Interpretation, compilation and integration of geophysical data.
  6. Data modeling;

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