Interactive 3D model

Until now, most of ground geoscientific data is represented in 2D and 3D models are created with sophisticated and expensive packages.  The development of our proprietary methodologies brought us naturally to the development of an interactive 3D model that can be exported to formats that explorers can use without sophisticated 3D applications to have accesss to fully interactive model.

The following video shows our interactive model of 3D conceptual model integrated with drill holes in AutoCAD. The user is able to rotate, zoom, slice and navigate through the model from any vantage point because this is not an animation or a video clip. The bodies of mineralization are represented at true depth and can be easily integrated in other commercial softwares.

This interactive model does not require special programs with expensive licenses or the latest most powerful computers. It can be run on any windows or mac computer making it very convenient to access and small enough to be sent via internet. No training is necessary and the user will feel at ease with the intuitive controls.

Target selection and analysis is made easy by carefully observing where each drill hole intersects the model. This is a very powerful tool to maximize the effectiveness of drill hole projections as well as to showcase the potential value of a property for fund raising. The models have been used to give a preliminary estimation of deposits.

A smaller area of interest is viewed with drill holes projected. It makes it very easy to see where drill holes could intersect, but also where the good drill results exist if drilling has already taken place, so better correlation can be provided between geology and our conceptual model.

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