Trustworthy Geoscience

The future of exploration is all about efficiency.  Commodity markets desperately need to reduce costs and improve efficiency to stay ahead, reason why innovation and trustworthy geosience is needed more than ever.

Most of services companies, ground or airborne outfits in regular bases are trying to market new technologies that disappear in few months. No innovation maturity strategies are set in place, compromising the integrity of geophysics. Despite the claim of innovation most of new ground techniques rely on inversion to interpret the data, an approach well-known for its flaws and limitations. Furthermore, most of these techniques are not able to maintain high lateral resolution in order to achieve great depth of investigation, problem already successfully resolved by our research team.

Matrix recognizing the need for drastic changes in service industry, constantly spending vast amount of resources developing a proprietary methodology that sensibly increases the success rate of exploration programs. Our proprietary Quantitative Section and its successor ECLIPSE is proven to achieve 90% rate of success even in areas that no other geoscientific information is available.

Quantitative Section Methodology or ECLIPSE can be indistinctly used in sub-vertical and sub-horizontal geological set, which makes it universal for use in mineral exploration and oil research.

The success of Quantitative Section stems from an interdisciplinary approach to understanding mineral exploration, integrating information across traditional disciplines such as induced polarization, resistivity, magnetic and other geophysical disciplines. This perspective has made Quantitative Section a very valuable asset to the company and our clients.