PDAC 2017

A great turnout at the Matrix booth for PDAC 2017. Things are finally looking up, hoping for the best for everyone in the industry.

As everyone in the mining industry knows, things haven’t been great for the past few years. We’ve seen companies fall by the wayside under the financial pressures of scant activity. We at Matrix consider ourselves lucky to have kept busy over through the hard times and we hope that PDAC 2017 marks a turning point in this most recent downturn. Once again there was a great variety of professionals and industries representing all parts of the globe but the atmosphere was definitely more optimistic. Projects have received funding, exploration is underway again and people from areas that Matrix specializes in, like northern Ontario and Manitoba, Africa and Latin America, are looking for effective and cost efficient solutions to their unique geological challenges and we’re looking forward to meet those challenges head on.

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