Update on Lynn Lake project

Corazon Mining Limited (ASX: CZN) announced more high-grade intersections from its drilling program at the Fraser Lake intrusive complex, further proving Matrix’s Induced Polarization targets from our 2016 survey. Our proprietary Quantitative Section methodology identified prominent exploration targets that were confirmed by downhole EM Surveys and drilling.
Dr. Hulbert, a world expert on the Lynn Lake Mining camp and senior consultant to Corazon Mining, had this to say about Matrix’s work
“The Quantitative Section is a rather unique type of IP survey and more so the interpretation. The post survey interpretation is the strong point for geologists who have to work with the IP data. Most contractors just give you a data dump for the survey and say have a good day. Not so for a Matrix survey. Also Matrix go beyond the call of duty to get the job done – last April [2016] was a good example.”
For more details please see http://corazon.com.au/investor-centre/asx-announcements/2017-2/.

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